I love sleep. Teaching my children how to sleep soundly has changed our lives. 

As somebody who has experienced peaceful and effortless sleep, having not only one, but two children who refused to sleep was life shattering. I had never experienced such exhaustion. Everybody in the house was tired which lead to crankiness across the board. I tried everything to get my children to sleep until I hit rock bottom. Laying on the nursery floor next to a crib with a toddler standing and cry-talking to me, throwing his blanket, stuffed animals, and socks at me, I searched for a sleep consultant. After speaking with the talented sleep consultant we decided to work together, starting the very next week. It is astounding to me how life changing this experience has been for my family. We all get to experience sweet rest on the regular. My kids are happier, and I now have the energy to play with them and enjoy them! As time has gone on, I have never stopped thinking about peaceful sleep and I sharing how my life has changed. For this reason, I decided to earn my certification to be able to help others discover the beauty of peaceful sleep in the home. With my degree in Psychology and my occupation as an educator, I am able to marry the things I love the most (education and sleep) to help other families thrive. I cannot wait to hear your sleep goals and get started!

If you like sleep as much as I do, let’s chat!